what does this mean?

Ray Mikell mojo@kopower.com
Tue Jul 1 18:32:57 EDT 1997

>You are basing WHAT on past postings?  What are you driving at?  What is
>your point?  What are you talking about?.  I can't figure out what your
>point is other than you seem have some problem with me personally.
>If you have something to say to everyone (on whatever subject this is) go
>right ahead, but if this is some personal problem, it is probably better
>left to private e-mail, because we're just wasting Blues-l space with this
>P.W. Fenton

I mistakenly thought you were in Mr. Racially Sensitive mode again. You've
been a grandstander on race issues more than a few times over the past few
months, so... I was mistaken. Instead, you were into your ridiculous
popularity equals high quality mode again. I'm not wasting space by saying
that at all. That may be a "personal problem," 'cause I find it to be
completely ridiculous, personally. I mean, you're not hugely popular, no
huge percentage of the world's "blues fans," that is, "we" have voted for
you, much like a president, to use your own words. But that doesn't mean
you're bad, it doesn't mean you can't play.

"For God's sake let's have a little more freakish behavior -- not less."
  -- Tennessee Williams, 1945

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