CD Purchase/Who's got THE power

Billy Chambless billy@CAST.MSSTATE.EDU
Tue Jul 1 16:35:44 EDT 1997

Leonard Watkins wrote:

] So who's the powerful perfromers these days for YOU. The one(s) that stick out
] that move you way deep down. The one(s) that still have an effect the next
] day/week/month.....I have no answer right now..I'm thinking and drawing blanks

T-Bone Walker's "Cold, Cold feeling has been living in the CD player at work,
while Muddy Water's "I'm Ready" is the current fave at home.
"The bottom line on experience is this -- do you get 10 years of experience
or do you get 1 year of experience 10 times?"
        --- Steve McConnell  in _Code Complete_

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