will the real Lea Gilmore please stand up?

Cary Wolfson cwolfson@EARTHLINK.NET
Tue Jul 1 16:24:00 EDT 1997

David J. Jones wrote:
>    Yea, ghost... you shouldn't be so shy.  That was Lea Gilmore from blues-l.
> I went up and introduced myself.  You should have too.  And your right...boy
> can she sing.  Blues, folk songs, gospel...great job Lea!  Nice to meet you.

Looks like I'm the last one on the list to meet the real Lea Gilmore! At
any rate, both she and Guy Davis (as well as yours truly) will be at the
Common Ground symposium in Westminster, MD next week. Contact
cground@qis.net for details.

Cary Wolfson
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