Convention Update

Terry Forche Terry_L._Forche@HUD.GOV
Tue Jul 1 12:35:13 EDT 1997

Bob said:
If all those tickets were purchased at the gate, the total cost would have
been $2,413 - through Blues-L, the cost is $1,270.  That's a significant
saving!  My thanks to all who ordered and made this discount possible!
.....and an extra hand for Mouseketeer....oops...Conventioneer Barry
Silverberg for holding this together and for John Chamberlin who made us
aware of the discount program.

          I think that we should have a special thanks to Bob and
          Barry (and all the others involved) during the jam session
          for all the work they did for us.  I know that I would
          probably shy away from trying to work something like this
          (even though I have before) and I for one definitly
          appreciate the effort they have made for us.

          HIP HIP HOORAY!


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