what does this mean?

Ray Mikell mojo@kopower.com
Tue Jul 1 11:51:38 EDT 1997

  Oh yeah -- and this Columbia Records person was white. Columbia has also,
however, packaged the recordings of Bix Beiderbecke and there's been a lot
of hype recently about recently discovered Armstrong compositions in which
it is believed that Bix had a hand.
  I think it's reasonable to argue, though, that until the past 20 to 35
years there were basically no white guys playing blues, unless you count
many players categorized as "hillbilly" players, including Jimmie Rodgers,
who were quite influential within the blues community but separated from it
commercially. And even in the past 35 years, most of those white people were
playing soul, which was not looked upon by blues scholars as worthy of much
of their attention. (See the concluding pages of "The Story of the Blues" by
Paul Oliver for an example.)

"For God's sake let's have a little more freakish behavior -- not less."
  -- Tennessee Williams, 1945

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