what does this mean?

Ray Mikell mojo@kopower.com
Tue Jul 1 10:52:26 EDT 1997

>I'm sorry.  I thought that was pretty obvious.  All I said was that Blues
>fans (that was the "we") form a consensus as to "who can play...?" and
>"what is...?" Blues with their actions as record buyers, concert goers,
>nightclub customers etc.
>That "consensus" is measurable, verifiable, and definable, even though our
>individual opinions about the answer to those two questions may vary from
>the consensus.
>Is there something vague about that?  What part isn't clear?
>P.W. Fenton

I'm simply basing this on past postings, such as the one in which you told
Leonard you thought it was weird -- in a "go figure" sort of way -- that
they'd ask a white guy to teach a group of kids about the blues in Alabama.
I was wondering at that point why you just didn't drop out of the business.
  The rest can be put under the "more popular is better, though we can
disagree" which means you must suck, 'cause you're not selling platinum and
don't have blues and major music magazines calling so much you have to hire
a press agent.

"For God's sake let's have a little more freakish behavior -- not less."
  -- Tennessee Williams, 1945

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