Ronnie Earl interview (SHORT :-))

Leonard Watkins ISTS024@UABDPO.DPO.UAB.EDU
Tue Jul 1 10:12:28 EDT 1997

Since DM mentioned one of my favorite players, what passion/soul.
Anyway pretty short, not a good interview, but whatever
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LW: How did you get involved with music ?
RE: Well, what got me into the music was seeing Muddy Waters,
       Albert King and BB King. That's what turned me onto Chicago
       blues, but I had been listening to Coltrane, Art Blakley and
        all that.

LW: Blues and Jazz are what influences you?
RE: The new album, The Color Of Love, is coming out. There's
        some things that are not classifiable, it's a little bit of
        gospel, a little bit of Spanish music.

LW: What was the first recording that you played on?
RE: The first recording I ever made was with Sunnyland Slim

LW: How did the Big Walter recording, Live At The Knickerbocker,
        come about?
RE: We had worked together a long time. He used to stay at my
        house. It was just wonderful! We were very close. You know,I
        buried him and got him a tombstone. I was just lucky being at
        the right places at the right time.

LW: What did you learn from Big Walter?
RE: To be dignified

LW: What do you consider to be your best recording?
RE: I like the new record, and the Live In Europe, album,
        Blues Guitar Virtuoso.

LW: Was "Still River" your first all instrumental album?
RE: Yes

LW: What made you decide to do an all instrumental recording?
RE: I just got tired of backing up singers and needed more
       freedom for my music.

LW: Who are some artists that you'd like to play with?
RE: Aretha Franklin,and Ray Charles. I'd also like to play
       with Charles Brown.

LW: You are a Duane Allman fan, right?
RE: Yes ! As a matter of fact,on the 20th of June,we start
        a ten day tour with The Allman Brothers and I'm getting
        married on the 19th of June.

LW: Who do listen to for your own  enjoyment?
RE: What I listen for is,does it have soul.I listen to a lot of
      Aretha Franklin, Duane Allman,and a lot of John Coltrane,
      Otis  Rush, Santana, Howlin Wolf and Jimmie Uaughan.

LW: Hank Crawford does a great job of your new album.
RE: Hank Crawford was someone we always wanted, because
       we love Ray Charles so much.

LW: The Broadcasters do a wonderful job.
RE: Well,they are my family,they're really wonderful people.
       Bruce has been with us almost five years. Rod has been with
       us about five and a half years. Per has been with me for ten

LW: Are there any performances or people you played with that
       really stands out?
RE: I loved playing with Muddy Waters. I loved playing
       with Otis Rush. I loved playing with the Allman Brothers.
       Their drummer is a very dear friend of mine and
       Greg and Dickey Betts are good friends. I love his playing
        I think it's so sweet. I don't think he gets enough credit,

LW: What's next for Ronnie Earl?
RE: I'm on a great piano player's album  that's coming out,
       David Maxwell.

LW: If you could do it again, would you do anything different?
RE: No, it's a gift from God and I'm happy to be able
        to do it.

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