back for a bit: Co-owner

Eric Paul-Hus eric.paul-hus@DR.CGOCABLE.CA
Fri Feb 28 17:59:15 EST 1997

Leonard asked:
> I saw something about a co-"listonwer".....Is that correct...?? Who is he/she

Currently co-owners are Eric Paul-Hus, Mike Curtis, David Silberberg.
Alan Rollins and William Williams are still listed as Quiet: owners
(Kind of like a 2nd back up ...)
> Was he self-appointed....Was he chosen by the listowner...?? Did ya'll vote
> on the co-owner...

No, I guess that the job is there for any "fool" like to volunteer ;-)

There was a lengthy description of what I do posted a week a ago or so.

Eric Paul-Hus, BLUES-L co-owner

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