Grammys and blues, little etc.

Bill Kolstad static@EXIT109.COM
Thu Feb 27 14:48:48 EST 1997

On Thu, 27 Feb 1997, Tom Freeland wrote:

> On 27 Feb 97 at 11:00, Bill Kolstad wrote:
> > No, but that band was awful.  The worst performance on my list was
> > Beck. Then he wins over John Hiatt, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton!
> >  That song sucks and is a fine example of how uncreative and
> > unoriginal so-called 'pop' music can be.
> >
> > Bill Kolstad (Long Time Contender that the Grammies aren't about
> > Quality)
> Well, the Grammys aren't much about quality much of the time, but I
> for one will defend Beck, at least on the strength of Odelay.  While
> I didn't much like his first Geffen album and dislike his
> "juvenalia" cd of earlier stuff, I thought Odelay was a very, very
> fine album that stitched together influences and styles ranging from folk and
> country blues to hip hop and sampling.  It was on my ten best for
> last year.  It sure ain't blues, though.  *THAT* I suspect this list
> could agree on.
Are you sure that everyone would agree? :)  Defend him if you want to, I
doubt he'd lose much sleep over my opinion anyway.  I haven't heard
anything I like by him, granted I haven't bought his album, but I've heard
enough of it to know it isn't to my liking.

There are literally hundereds of songs, albums, and artists I like that
didn't get nominated or win a Grammy, that's life!  I don't think that
because someone sells that they deserve any awards.  Maybe I'm just
wishing that awards like Grammys were about quality not the recording
industry trying to justify its own hype.

Bill Kolstad

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