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Sam & Barbara Hurrie helhound@PRCN.ORG
Thu Feb 20 18:15:01 EST 1997

A post was made here regarding the Son House Library of Congress
Sessions, but my delete finger went off accidently.

My favourite Son House is perhaps his weakest musically, but certainly
his most endearing. It's called "Son House:Delta Blues and Spirituals"
on the Capitol Blues Collection(CDP 7243 8 31830 2 9). It was recorded
in London in 1970 on his last European tour. Al Wilson and a British
guitarist named Delta Dave(I think the Brits use the word estuary
instead of delta, but I guess "Estuary Dave" didn't have quite the same
ring to it).
There are missed lines and the odd bit of weak playing on here, but the
man was 68 years old. The best parts of this CD are his monologues,
sometimes funny, sometimes moving, dealing with life, the blues, God and
the devil. You get to know the man as well as his music.
There is also a photo, taken by the looks of it in the eary '40's,
perhaps by Alan Lomax, showing Son with his National.
Definitely a keeper! No Preachin' Blues, however. Excellent liner notes.

Sam Hurrie

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