What are the essential 60's Chicago blues albums?

Eric LeBlanc-CISTI leblanc@dao.nrc.ca
Thu Feb 20 15:51:08 EST 1997

One that I've always liked was the 1966 John Lee Hooker -
Live at Cafe Au GO GO, with the Muddy Waters Blues Band,
which is now on CD (MCA 11537 : LIVE AT CAFE AU GO GO &.
Odd that the CD cover makes NO mention that the Muddy Waters Band
accompanies Hooker. Otis Spann fans should seriously give
this set a listen, as most of the time it's just about
Spann & Hooker playing off each other - very similar to
the duets between Spann & Johnny Young on ARHOOLIE CD 325
: Johnny Young - Chicago Blues, another essential set with
James Cotton, Big Walter Horton, and the Muddy Waters Band.
The Hooker Impulse set, IT SERVES YOU RIGHT TO SUFFER, is
also very good but is NOT on a MCA CD yet. If my memory serves
me right, the drummer on this set is the legendary David Albert
"Panama" Francis, who will be 79 this coming Dec 21! Just last
year he recorded with an all star set of oldtimers, which
included Benny Waters, 94; Buddy Tate, 83; Claude Williams, 88;
Milt Hinton, 86 (who's also on the Hooker set); Clark Terry, 76;
and youngster, Al Grey, 70.

If I was serious about blues, including Chicago Blues, I would check
which Blackwell Pub. released in December 1996. Edited by John Cowley
& Paul Oliver, each chapter is covered by experts in the field.
The previous edition (November 1991) covers the non-CD era.  In due
time, I'll be reviewing this new guide.


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