Recent signings

Stan Ruffo stan@RUFFO.COM
Thu Feb 20 02:59:54 EST 1997

Interesting comments...regarding the lack of sales of "traditional 50s styles".
Does any one care to speculate on why that might be?

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> From: Steve Hoffman <steve90@EROLS.COM>
> Subject: Re: Recent signings
> Date: Wednesday, February 19, 1997 6:23 PM
> Also don't be amazed that Piazza, good as he is, didn't sign with a
> larger label. What's far, far more amazing is that *any* talented blues
> artists who adhere to traditional 50s styles *are* signed by major
> labels.  The sad fact is, very very few blues releases these days sell
> enough copies to register more than a blip on a major label's radar
> screen.  Time and again, over the years, you'll see a brief flurry of
> interest in blues by one of the majors (like what Verve is doing now)
> but it usually peters out after a few years.
> -- Steve H.

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