Allan Lomax - pro and con

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shaun <> wrote:
>But before I go off at the mouth about Allan Lomax, I was wondering if
>someone could give their opinions on this man.  I know that he did a lot
>for the blues by recording various artists on his field trips.

At the time, the Lomaxes were collecting "data", for lack of a better
term - they were recording folk music for posterity (unlike others -
say Chess Records - might be accused of).

 What the Library of Congress and others have done with that music
might be another issue - but I've always thought of Alan Lomax as a
social scientist.

>Can anyone give me an insight to Lomax's personality and contributions,
>good and bad?
I think, from listening to the personal stories of others, that Lomax
might have a strong passion for his ethnomusicological theories, but I
doubt he's the egotistical demon some would make him out to be.

>(I know he has an autobiography out but I can't afford to but it:-()
Shaun, get thee to a library.  and fast!
"The Land Where the Blues Began" isn't biographical as much as it is a
memoir of his trips to the deep south.  Scholars will argue with him
about his facts, I guess - but that's what scholars do.

Just punch in John or Alan Lomax on the old electronic catalog and
watch out.
You'll be able to choose from a whole bunch of books - and you don't
have to buy 'em.

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