abbreviations? (was Re: Blues-L Shopping Centre Updated)

Mike Curtis wd6ehr@KAIWAN.COM
Tue Feb 18 06:32:32 EST 1997

On Sat, 15 Feb 1997, Jim Witteveen wrote:

> On a completely unrelated note, this idea of having short abbreviations in
> title postings is not 'unworkable' or cumbersome at all. At one time I was a
> member of a writers' LISTSERV, and abbreviations that were used included
> SUB (for a submission of somebody's work)
> QUERY (for a question)
> INFO (information, obviously :-)
> CRIT (Critique of someone's submission)

<and it worked fine>

I think it's a great idea.  It costs nothing, offends no one, uses little
resources, is not censorship, is fat free, totally voluntary, and doesn't
matter whether we use it or not.  If we DO remember to use it, the list
will IMHO improve.  If we forget, big deal.

I think what may eventually happen is that 'zellers who want to cut their
mail drastically will choose to "subscribe" only to the abbreviations they
like, making it important for those who wish to be read to become aware of
these and use them.

 -- IronMan Mike Curtis
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