Most influential Non-AA Blues

Jay Watterworth watterwo@SOBEK.COLORADO.EDU
Mon Feb 17 16:31:43 EST 1997

My vote is for John Hammond.  He is a blues player/singer who has a
respect for his roots yet an original style that has enabled him to carve
out his own unique place in the blues.
Lots of contenders here: Paul Butterfield, Charlie Musselwhite, Bonnie
Raitt, Jimmy Paige (wait, just kidding!)

Jay Watterworth (who thinks this is a lot more fun than talking about
blues-l policy issues)
CU Boulder

On Mon, 17 Feb 1997, Leonard Watkins wrote:

> I'm curious to who ya'll think is the most influential Non-African American
> blues performer/musician...etc has been so far :-).
> The only reason to mention the race of the performer is to narrow it down
> We have discussed how influential BB, Albert, T-Bone.....etc has been.
> I can't really think of too many white blues artists that have been very
> influential to THE BLUES....
> I have a feeling SRV & Peter Green will be mentioned but I don't think either
> has influenced BLUES very much....
> Leonard
> REMEMBER: DO NOT read anything into the race it's only a delimter I could
> have said a particular instrumnet, but I would have got Little Walter, T-Bone
> and Otis Spann...This way takes more thought...

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