eRIC's BLUES DATE Update and apology...

Dan Gross
Wed Feb 12 12:18:19 EST 1997

Hey, All!

        I think I've finally got the problem solved at this end, with
much thanks to Eric the list-clerk.  In the mentime there have been a
couple of hiccups where eRIC's BLUES DATES were apparently not sent
[aside to Eric the List clerk: Could you let me know the dates that
were missed? Pweeze? ], and I'll try to get them sent out, if not today
than later this week.

        My apologies to those who use the BLUES DATES for playlists and
set lists (one of the main reasons I volunteered to forward the dates
was to ensure that I got _all_ of them...hard to believe that after
over three years (has it been that long since Sep 93?) of collecting
dates, I think I still have dates missing...).  Barring any future
circumstances that involve smoke billowing out of a computer somewhere,
this problem has been fixed and the BLUES DATES will go on daily as

        I'm using my lunch break to get caught up with the digests from
when my computer woes all began and have just gotten to the circumstances
around the 4th...yikes!  Hope things get better by the time I get caught
up (now don't nobody spoil it for me! ;-).

                                        Long live the Blues!
                                        --Dan Gross

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