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Dennis Miele
Thu Feb 6 13:13:27 EST 1997

William Sakovich wrote:
> It reminded me of listening to AM radio in the 60s. This may be hard
> for some younger people to realize, but "rock" (for want of a better
> term) radio was incredibly integrated back then. It is no exaggeration
> to say that a Beatles tune would be followed by a Motown tune,
> followed by a Bobby Vinton tune, followed by a Stax tune, then Herman and
> the Hermits, with other assorted oddities mixed in. (Snoopy and the
> Red Baron).
> After about 67 or 68, the whole thing collapsed into little radio
> compartments with the rise of FM radio and specialized play lists
> catering to a narrow market.

I think the "specialization" of FM really didn't start until the early to mid-70's.   Until then
quite a few FM stations were still practising a "free-form" style where DJs could pretty much
play what they wanted.  I remember visiting a small local AM station in the late 70's, the
albums had lines of nail polish across certain cuts so they couldn't be played!

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