Altman's "Kansas City"

Jay Watterworth watterwo@SOBEK.COLORADO.EDU
Mon Feb 3 17:18:22 EST 1997

Just saw it myself.  I would agree with those who have said the movie
itself is wanting; the music (and, I would say, the scenes in which it
was framed) are top rate.  I would rather have had the Great Performances
footage myself.  Let us know when it might be shown again.
Jay Watterworth
CU Boulder

On Sun, 2 Feb 1997, CKUT online wrote:

> Robert Altman's film "Kansas City" was released on video this week. It
> features a great soundtrack of depression era swing/jazz, much of it very
> bluesy. I was fortunate enough to catch a PBS show called Great Performances
> which was a companion film of extended performances recorded during filming.
> These takes were too long to be included in the film but too good to end up
> on the cutting room floor.
> You'll have to watch carefully to catch the fast-scrolling musician credits
> at the end, or cue up the old VCR.
> John D., CKUT FM 90,3

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