Johnny Winter rip off??

Sun Feb 2 15:56:30 EST 1997

I'll say this, in support of Johnny, when you hear him, you KNOW who
it is.  Period.  The man has a style and sound that is as easily
identifiable as Hendrix, IMHO.  To me, that speaks volumes.  No matter
who he played with as a sideman, or in any of his own phases of style,
you can pick own Johnny Winter guitar playing in a heartbeat.  Many a
time have I found myself listening to some blues that I am not familiar
with and BANG like a whack in the head, you say "Shit, that has GOT to
be Johnny Winter playing guitar with this cat!" and sure nuff...check
them liner notes. :-)

Riffin Rick      ((((

Senior Research Assistant,
& Marine Facilities Manager
Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research

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