BLUES-L Digest - 30 Jan 1997 to 31 Jan 1997

Ted Pappacena
Sat Feb 1 15:34:38 EST 1997

Pretty Amazing this list. I post a question on Monday about the similarities
of the song Gambler's Blues and even ask who esle covered it and I get no
responce at all. I wonder, did I word it wrong. Perhaps it wasn't in depth
enough. Let's see, we still haven't stopped on the Super Bowl fiasco. Yes, I
was dissappointed in ZZ Top and all but let's get past it O K. Oh yeah, "Why
we like or play the blues". Should we really care? Let's just like it or do
it! OOOOh the one about young guns. This can't be such a big deal. If you
close your eyes and just hear them, do you like them any more or less? Come
on now. Well I did get some valuable information this week. I took Albert
King's Live on Memory Lane CD off of my want list due to a thorough trashing
in this here list. And to think, it was highly recommended by one of my
favorite blues magazines Blues Access! Don't worry I still sent in for a
subscription. Well, if you won't answer a blues question that doesn't have
the depth of say that tough one this week "What is Howling Wolf's' real
name", perhaps someone can steer me right on this one . Heck it isn't that
much blues related but here goes "Although he is credited in the co writing
of the song Badge does George Harrison actually play on it? Come on now,
somebody out there has to know this!

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