are we musicians or entertainers ?

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Fri Sep 27 19:52:37 EDT 1996

On Fri, 27 Sep 1996, charles (c.f.) board wrote:

> |> I think it depends greatly on a number of factors.  First, who exactly is
> |> the artist?  I wouldn't expect B. B. King to cover a request for
> |> Achey Breakey Heart".  It would probably annoy the vast majority of the
> |> audience, who came to hear B. B. do his own tunes.
> I suspect the audience reaction would be the same as it was the night Bruce
> Springsteen covered "Achey Breaky Heart" following a (joking) shouted request
> from the audience - from the tape I've got it sounded like everybody in the
> place got into it BECAUSE it was so absurd.

True - but The Boss is in fact NOTED for 1. covering other peoples tunes,
and 2. coming up with the unexpected.  Also, Bruces style isn't all that
far removed from country-western.  Look at the success his "Pink Cadillac"
has had in the CW market.

I've found through personal experience that you can always get away with
ONE song of ANY genre, as long as it's not more than around 5 minutes
long.  And of course if the audience is going along with it, that's even

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