Fri Sep 27 14:56:00 EDT 1996

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     If you're consistently unhappy with the mixdown I'd
     recommend trying someone else. If you've got a top
     notch mastering house in the neighborhood I'd recommend
     trying to get a 15 minute appointment with a mastering
     engineer to listen to one of your mixes. A good and
     experienced ear will do wonders for your sound. You should
     be able to do a quick, dry mix that you can compare to
     your "final" mix. This all assumes that the tracks you
     recorded are clean and sould like you want them to.
     You can't fix bad recording with mixing, you can't fix
     bad mixing with mastering.

     To paraphrase Cathi Norton's advice to me.
     "Spend the money on the mixing and mastering, you don't
     want to have something that will make you cringe later."

     Good luck and keep cool,

     Dirty Ned
     Hoosier Daddys

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