Blues piano players

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On Mon, 23 Sep 1996 06:54:29 GMT, marc borms
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>Lee Spector (00lcspector@BSUVC.BSU.DU) wrote:
>: In a recent post, Gloria Pierce mentions Honey Piazz as being a great
>: blues piano player, perhaps the best out there.  I half way agree.  She
>: is
>: a great blues piano player but in my opinion, no one can touch Omar
>: Shariff.
>Yes, when we talk about pianoplayers, mostly the flexibility of the
>fingers make people decide it's a good or a better player.
>For me, the soul in it, is the main factor.
>I vote Champion Jack !

Here, here!  Champion Jack rules, dude.

Of course, there's also Memphis Slim.....
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