VOODOO MUSIC Playlist -- 9/23

Mon Sep 23 22:39:03 EDT 1996

I just started a brand-new blues show called "Voodoo Music", broadcasting on
CFRC-FM 101.9 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.  It runs from 8:30 to 10:00 PM on
Mondays.  Although I'm sure that there aren't many, if any, Kingston-area
residents who read this list, I thought that I would post my playlists anyway,
to let you know what is being played up in this neck of the woods.

Tonight I featured a rather long interview with a hot Ottawa-area R&B/blues band
known as the Suicide Kings.  Thus, almost all of the tracks are from their CD
"..And Make It Strong".  Normally, there's a bit more of a variety!

Number          Artist                  Composition

1.              Tony D. Band            Voodoo Music
2.              Suicide Kings           15 Miles
3.              Suicide Kings           Until You Came Along
4.              Suicide Kings           Beg Borrow & Steal
5.              Suicide Kings           Royalty
6.              Suicide Kings           I Don't Mind
7.              Suicide Kings           Best I Can
8.              Suicide Kings           We're Gonna Make It
9.              Sidemen                 At Last
10.             Jeff Healey Band        Stop Breakin' Down
11.             Andrea & the Fun Guys   Hush Now Baby
12.             Big Sugar               Dear Mr. Fantasy
13.             Suicide Kings           Midnight Rider
14.             Suicide Kings           Come on Home
15.             Suicide Kings           Trees Don't Care
16.             Suicide Kings           Back Door Man
17.             Albert Collins          Frosty
18.             Big Sugar               Diggin' a Hole

An idea which I had was that if anyone was interested in sending me a 90-minute
tape and sufficient return postage, I would be happy to make a copy of the show.
 Would anyone be interested in this?  If you are, reply by e-mail to
4ms27@qlink.queensu.ca or ax271@freenet.carleton.ca and I will send you the
address and details.

I will continue to post my weekly playlists unless it gets really annoying!  <grin>


Marc Sykes

Marc Sykes
ax271@freenet.carleton.ca or 4ms27@qlink.queensu.ca
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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