Big Jack Johnson/David Earl/As The Years Go Passing By

Brian Johnson bcjohn@PENN.COM
Mon Sep 23 20:20:22 EDT 1996

Vincent's review reminded me of seeing Big Jack locally several months ago.
I'm several hours from any city and seldom have the opportunity to see any
live blues let alone acts of this caliber.  There were fewer than a hundred
people in the club (granted it was a Sunday night) and by the last few songs
less than a dozen. Rather than just going through the motions the second set
was stronger than the first (itself a killer and enough to make me stay even
though I was supposed to work the next morning). I, too, thought the second
guitarist, David Earl was superb.  While warming up for Big Jack he played
some great stuff with a rendition of "As The Years Go Passing By" that made
me practically melt in my seat. Otis Rush's version is my favorite (of a
song I really love),  but the song belonged to David Earl that night. I
think he's from D.C., anyone know anything about him?  I almost posted a
review at 4:30 that morning, but thought I'm drunk, I'm gushing, I'll hold
off.  Well I held off, I'm not drunk, geez, I hope I'm not gushing.  Annnd,
Big Jack is coming back to the same club toward the end of next month, I'm
already wondering what illness will keep me home from work the next day.


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