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Mon Sep 23 10:12:30 EDT 1996

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! T.P.


with much gratitude and appreciation and other good stuff.

Thank you.


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>Chris Smith wrote:
>>> I used to own his PHENOMENAL "Country Line Special" on a Pye
>>> single (45) - absolutely loved the tune - and that is among the Howlin'

>>> Wolfs I had........
>>> Anyone know if this track is available on CD?  Pleasze, please, please?

>> If it's been reissued on CD, a likely location is the British See For
>> label, who have reissued a lot of Pye International stuff.
>"Country Line Special" by Cyril Davies is at least on "The Pye
>Story" (Sequel NEDCD 240), and on "A Shot of Rhythm & Blues: The R&B Years

>Vol. 1" (also Sequel). Davies's other single "Preachin' the Blues" is at
>least on "The R&B Years Vol. 2".
>I also have both on the 1977 double album "The 60s File" (Pye FILD 006).
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