Lurrie Bell

Jim Witteveen hndful@UNISERVE.COM
Fri Sep 20 21:57:13 EDT 1996

>bonnie kalmbach <kalmbach@FACSTAFF.WISC.EDU> wrote:
>>>Lurrie plays lead on most , if not all of the slow, deep,
>>> wrenching performances.  This album help to
>>>establish his  reputation as one of the  brightest
>>>new stars on the Chicago blues scene.
>Wow! No shit! I've been crazy about that album for years and assumed
>the leads were all Eddie. Damm! Thanks Ms. K.

Actually, according to the back cover, we're all kind of sort of half right.
Lurrie Bell plays the guitar solos on 'Chills' and 'Blues for a Living', and
his solos follow Eddie's on 'Blues for Breakfast' and 'Bad Dream'.

-Jim (

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