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Eric Paul-Hus eric.paul-hus@DR.CGOCABLE.CA
Thu Sep 19 10:36:21 EDT 1996

First let me tell you it is an exceptional measure I don't want to do
this too often. Please don't respond to the list: Voice your anger
towards the Internet Service Provider that let that happen!

The zine2000AD was much more than spam: They "stole" e-mail addresses
and subscribed people without consent. This far more than rude and close
to illegal. If you want to tell them how you feel after getting through
the trouble of unsubscribing, here is the info...

oanet.com is registered as:
OA Internet Inc.
4907-99 Street,
Edmonton, Alberta,
Canada T6E 4Y1.
Tel: 1-403-430-0411
Fax: 1-403-436-9963

Listed contact: David Papp, mailto:david@oanet.com

I encourage all and everyone that has been annoyed or angered by their
e-zine scam to voice their anger to Mr Papp.

Please, again, do not answer to the list. If you disagree with naming
such "criminals" in the open, respond privately.

Sorry for the interruption and back to blues...
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