Robt Johnson re-issue was Re: ROOTS "N BLUES : NEW INSTALMENT DUE

Arthur Schuna aaschuna@FACSTAFF.WISC.EDU
Wed Sep 18 21:19:07 EDT 1996

In article <51mts3$>, vt@USA.PIPELINE.COM says...

>Can you please confirm that the ROBERT JOHNSON set is the NEWLY remastered
>(with 20-bits) but from the ORIGINAL masters (as opposed to an LP "master",

>And ARE Sony actually going to take back the original copies of the
>"Complete" 2CD set in exchange for the properly mastered set - with an
>apology for the ears they have "injured" for the last few years?

I just received a sampler put out by Sony/Legacy for the J&R label to
celebrate J&R's 25th anniversary.  Robert Johnson's "Come On In My Kitchen" is
on it from the soon to be released remastered set.  Haven't had a chance to
compare this with the old, poorly mastered Complete RJ, but plan to do this
soon.  What I want to know is how many times do they expect us to keep buying
this stuff?  Why can't someone get it right the first time? But hey, that's

Art Schuna

BTW - Got the sampler with my copy of Miles Davis/Gil Evans Complete Columbia
Studio Recordings (6 discs).  Only had a chance to listen to disc 1 so far,
but some mighty fine jazz here.

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