Black Music of (at least) Two Worlds

Tom Freeland thf4@WATERVALLEY.NET
Sun Sep 15 08:33:19 EDT 1996

> P.S.: If anyone's still reading (!) -- have any of you heard the new Yazoo
> series "Before the Blues," or any of the individual albums? I loved the Irma
> Thomas interview in this month's Living Blues, but the review of that series
> blew me away.

I posted three LOOOOOOONG posts of discographical information in the
spring, with a fair amoutn of information.  I put that together when
I was reviewing the set for Blues and Rythmn magazine.

My take on the sets:  They are amazing and essential.  Several
recordings I consider perfect are contained on them.  I recommend you
buy Vol. 1 and if you react the same way I did buy the rest.  They
are very fine.

Tom Freeland
Tom Freeland

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