The newsgroup thing.

Dennis Miele dmiele@FPE.ERENJ.COM
Wed Sep 11 16:16:00 EDT 1996

Art Schuna wrote:
>  Setting the list to subscribers only would not
> affect my ability to post, but I am very concerned about new readers of the
> newsgroup.  I can see where many people may find blues-l by scanning a list of
> newsgroups.  Then they would find that they could read messages but would not
> be able to post to the list and get frustrated and drop out.

Actually, they would THINK they were posting to the list, but only
Newsgroup readers would see their posts.  Since we don't know who is
subscribed and who isn't, we wouldn't be able to give them some friendly
advice about subscribing.  They would probably feel frustrated at the
apparent lack of response to their posts (what's the ratio of NG readers
to mailers?). THEN they would drop out, telling all their friends what a
bunch of snobs the Blues-L folk are!

Just another perpective on the situation, although I have come out in
favor of Subs-only.

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