whatcha listening to (reply)

Jim Bardsley jbards@MAIL.SH.LSUMC.EDU
Wed Sep 11 12:29:06 EDT 1996

At 9:39 AM 09/11/96, William Shute wrote:
>From: Bill Shute
>A recent CD buying trip to Austin has given me lots of new
>items I've been playin' the heck out of:
>THE BLUEBIRDS  South From Memphis (Icehouse)

I'm jealous you found the new Bluebirds CD already- ironically, although
they're local and I see them all the time, I still haven't been able to
track it down here in Shreveport. How is it?

Jim Bardsley

"It's about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages
women to leave their husbands, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and
become lesbians." - Pat Robertson, religious leader and one-time
presidential hopeful, speaking on the proposed ERA amendment in Iowa, on a
day during which he'd apparently had a tad too much caffeine....

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