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David Melton slydemann@EARTHLINK.NET
Tue Sep 10 20:18:06 EDT 1996

At 3:21 PM 9/10/96, Joe Lempkowski wrote:
>Last Saturday,  I returned from a week-long retreat in beautiful Chicago, IL.
>When I took my bags into the garage from my car I noticed a very large package
>sitting on the floor of my garage.  My wife instructed me to open it, so I
>did.  Inside was a guitar and practice amp.  I instinctively knew what to do
>with the amp (plug a microphone into it and blow the harp.)  However, I am
>at a total loss for what to do with this guitar.  Anyone have any ideas on
>how to start learning how to play this thing?  Am I now going to turn into
>one of those equipment type people?  Is my life forever changed?
>I ask here because I would like to play blues on it.
>Joe Lempkowski

I'm not too sure what to tell a beginner, but the first thing I would do
is take that lady of yours out for a nice romantic evening! Sounds like you
got a good'n. :)

Dave Melton

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