More on the Long Beach Blues Festival

Shaun T Cronin shaun@PACIFICNET.NET
Fri Sep 6 03:13:09 EDT 1996

Here are some general comments about the whole three days.

All in all it was fantastic. Last year there was a problem with the
attitude of hte people hired for security. This year there was none of that
attitude. I actually saw one of the guys working security smile at one
stage. A miracle.

No real beer. Only Bud. Not one drop of Guiness anywhere.:-(

Sound was generally good. There was a problem though with the guitars. It
often took the sound guys a while to get the levels right on the guitars.
Sometimes you could see the guy soloing but not hear anything. It was bad
during when everyone was on stage during the T-Bone jam. At one stage you
could hear someone trying to tune their axe but you couldn't hear the guy
soloing. And it went on for a good minute. I would expect that running
sound when you have 14 guitarists on stage wouldn't be easy but for the
crowd to hear the wrong guitar (and in the wrong key) for that long isn't

Considering there was 8,000 people their each day, there was no trouble.
Everyone was in the spirit of things and having fun. The only thing I don't
like are those guys who bring their harmonicas along and insist on soloing
along with the acts on stage. If they had played in the right key then it
might of been bearable.

All that aside it was a hell of a three days.


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