BLUES L: Gearheads: Got my old amp back

David Melton slydemann@EARTHLINK.NET
Thu Sep 5 18:38:15 EDT 1996

At 5:14 PM 9/5/96, Don Cicchetti wrote:
>>At 4:23 PM 9/5/96, Don Cicchetti wrote:
>>>Had a friend with a *gorgeous* perfect '52 Les Paul goldtop.  Original
>>>case, papers etc.  Just beautiful.   He thinks it's worth 10k or so right?
>>>Nahhh it's worth under 2K.   Why? when 59's are going for 30K and up?
>>>Well.... turns out the '52 has a crappy "trapeze" bridge and tailpiece
>>>setup that hurts the tone...
>Dave Melton responded:
>>I hope that rumor spreads and brings the price down, because 52 gold
>>tops have tone for days.  Hell, just slap a stud
>>tail piece on it! Go ahead, collectors, whince! :)
>He's right!   That's all you need to do.   Put a stop tailpiece and a nice
>tune-o-matic on it and that '52 will shine!
>I couldn't do that with my friend's '52 because it was too perfect.   Saw a
>'52 in a music store that someone had stuck a Bigsby on, really butched it.
>The guy wanted 600.00 for it.  So I said yeah!  I'll fill the rout that
>the bozo did for the Bigsby with maple, match the paint, and put on a stop
>tailpiece and tune-o-matic and this guitar will rule!   Before I got back
>to the store with the 6 bills, someone had bought it....
>Now if Dave wants to mod my buddies perfect '52 and *play* it, I would not
>criticize at all.  But I couldn't do it.
Naw, I probably couldn't do it to that guitar either, but the one I used to
have had it done, and if I found another one in anything but pristine condition
I wouldn't hesitate, because you can bet I'll be playing it till the frets
can pass for gun sights!

Dave Melton

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