all girl bands who love sound men!

smirkyface blmclean@NETAXS.COM
Tue Sep 3 17:46:05 EDT 1996

>There are lots of bonehead, and/or deaf sound people out there (mainly
>because some skinflint won't pay a decent wage) but there are some real
>good ones too.   Ann could tell the difference in two minutes, many others
>will never know...
>Two examples:
>Stupid wannabe-hippies teenage stoner band comes to La Sierra.  shows up
>two hours late...  (I should have torn down and blown them off) w/bad bad
>attitude.   "Do this do that, we want a full sound check"
>*two hours late and they want a full sound check*...  amazing..

This reminds me of one of the worst night I had at WD's.
I won't mention the band, bit it was a six piece. everyone wanted to be in
the monitor. The frontman was at the (duh)front of the stage, while the
rest of the band was at the very back of the stage. When the guitarist
would come up front during his solo, he would look over at me and signal to
bring his guitar up in the monitor. Between sets he got on me about not
being able to hear himself on stage. So I spent the night working the
volume on the monitors so the guitar player could hear himself.
 The amazing thing was that if you were in the bathroom, you could hear the
guitar like it was next to you. Needless to say, he was a major d**khead.

Gatemouth Brown on the other hand asked me to turn him down in the
monitors. He spoke to me later an said that his hearing was fine, but he
wasn't to sure about some of the guys in the band.

I think a lot of it has to do with a bands confidence in themselves and the
material. I've had the monitors cutoff(usually someone accidentally pulled
out a cord) and the better musicians will keep playing and let you find the
Other less proffesional groups panic. One group in particular, with
10minutes left in the set, cut the song that they were doing short, then
waited till I found the problem before they'd start playing again.

                                   BRIAN MCLEAN
                        "life's too short to live the blues"

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