Joel Slotnikoff's review of the St. Louis Festival

P.W. Fenton pwfenton@GATE.NET
Tue Sep 3 05:28:39 EDT 1996

From: Joel Slotnikoff <joelslot@BLUESWORLD.COM>

> "The opener on Saturday (on the main stage) was a local DJ (white)
> with his all white band..."

> "Returning to the stage moments later with an all-white backing band..."

> "Earl King and Frankie Lee were backed by the all-white Butanes...

> "Percy Sledge sucked. He was totally wooden, and, with an all white backing
>  band, had no swing whatsoever."

Joel, do I sense some race based personal problem here?  Why would you choose
to make a point of pointing out the race of only white performers?

> "The smarmy mainstage anouncer, an old St. Louis radio man with not an
> of cool or hip, began on Saturday with the racist remark "you folks are
> really going to get sunburned, I don't know if there's a sunscreen
> concession,"....

After all your race based remarks concerning the Festival, I'm curious as to
why you call warning people about sunburn a racist remark?

"I read every blues magazine in the world (except BRQ who choose not to comp
and I've never heard of this group..."

Are you pointing out to Blues-Lers who PAY for all their magazine
subscriptions, that the only magazine you won't read is the one you can't get
for free?  What are you telling us here?

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