Geno Delafose & French Rockin' Boogie

Tue Sep 3 01:55:52 EDT 1996

While the crowd wasn't as good as we hoped for (cooler weather, Alabama
playing a block away, the state fair less than an hour away) I have to say
I am so glad we didn't reschedule the date. Being a big Clifton Chenier
fan I compare most zydeco bands to his and thought they'd be good but he's
young so it might not be the best I'd ever heard...wrong. He may only be
25 but he is fantastic and I'm looking forward to hearing him again. I
missed them at the Roots Festival in the Poconos and had been looking
forward to them coming to town since then. Being last on the bill most of
the crowd had gone home but the ones that were there loved them and this
was *the* band that got everyone up to dance to, young old and the other
bands from earlier in the evening. The band members are all nice people,
easy to work with and know how to get the crowd up and moving...and
considering they had just made a 25 hour+ drive to get here that was
amazing in itself. I'd check out the Rosebud Itins. and make a point of
going to see them, if Vermont wasn't such a drive I'd go to the show later
in the week just so I could catch the entire set. If I can find enough
change in the cushions of my couch I may catch their show in Turkey...: )

To find his itin. here's the new

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