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Gary Croisatiere trimuse@NEWNORTH.NET
Sun Sep 1 21:20:27 EDT 1996

In article <>, Claudio Caponi MARNR
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>>Gary Croisatiere <trimuse@NEWNORTH.NET> informed us that the following
>>(among others) are scheduled for release in September:
>>Analogue Prod. - Sonny Boy Williamson - Keep It To Ourselves  (Gold Disc)
>>Analogue Prod. - Sonny Boy Williamson - Portrait Of A Blues Man
>>Analogue Prod. - Otis Spann - Good Morning Mr. Blues
>>Does somebody have more information on these?
>>Richard Cotenas (author of the wonderful Otis Spann Discography which
>>can be found on Mark Naftalin's Winner website) told me some months ago
>>that during his research he found that there is some unreleased Spann
>>material which may see the light of day eventually. Is this it?

"Portrait of a Bluesman" was taken from the same sessions as "Keep It To
I have no further information on the Otis Spann at this time, the
recordings are supposed to be released on  9/24.  Will post more
information at that time.

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