Laserlight Label Blues

Sat Nov 30 18:53:35 EST 1996

I've noticed that the cheapo Laserlight Label have recently
re-released stuff from the LRC label.


Yep, that label I talked about and got varying reports and opinions on
- some background:

LRC = Lester Recording Catalog
Lester = Sonny Lester
Sonny Lester = (according to the label's own write up)
The Lester Recording Catalog LRC Ltd. has been in business for more
than 35 years.  LRC has been distributed by Capitol, United Artists,
Blues Nte, CBS Records and Denon under the Solid State, Groove
Merchant and LRC Labels. LRC's classic jazz catalog is from the
collection and productions of veteran jazz producer Sonny Lester.

Why the continued interest?

These releases below, which I have picked up from Nobody Beats the WIZ
for $5.99 each:

Muddy Waters    Hoochie Coochie Man                     17 101
the CD which I picked up before on the LRC albel and had to return
because of a skipping fault. Recorded 1964.  Line up:  Mud - vcls/GTR,
Otis Spann - pno, George Smith - SAX!!! ( should be harp :-), Sammy
Lawhorn - gtr,  Luther Johnson - bs, Frances Clay dms.  I think
there's some pretty good stuff on this  55 min CD.

Muddy Waters    Blues Band featuring Dixxy Gillespie    17 102
60 mins Live of the Mud and blues band.  Notes are generic about Mud's
history - I couldn't see any indication of when whom and where.  I
couldn't obviously hear Dizzy in the tracks which were indicated that
he was supposed to be on (the first 6). But it MIGHT be Dizzy trading
vocals with the Mud on "Down Broke Down" which is really "Can't Get No
Grindin' (What's the Matter with the Meal?)".  They also do "Baby Rock
and Roll" which is obviously "The Blues Had a Baby (and Named it Rock
'n Roll)" which should help date this - post 1977?  during this number
Mud refers to Pinetop (although he also refers to Otis Spann) and
Cotton and there also is a pretty nifty guitarist.  "So Long" is
actually "Honey Bee" with what is obviously stinging Mud Slide......
"Kansas City" (track 6) has what sounds like a trumpet or flugelhorn -
so this could be Dizzy.  On "Luther's Blues" (track 7) Mud ids: Guitar
Junior, Calvin Jones, Jerry Portnoy, Bob Margolin, Willie "Big Eye"
Smith, Pinetop Perkins.  This is a good album whether Dizzy is present
or not. IF I was guessing I would say this is the same line up and
recording period as Muddy "Mississippi" Waters Live on Blue Sky.

JLH/J Shines/+  Chicago Blues Band                      17 104
According to the sleeve notes recorded in Europe in the 60s.  John Lee
Hooker - vcls/gtr, Sunnyland Slim - pno/vcls, Johnny Shines -
vcls/gtr, Willie Dixon - bs/vcls, Clifton James dms/vcls. JLH leads 5
numbers, Shines leads on 3, Dixon 1, Sunnland 1, 2 tracks not credited
with lead. 49 mins - Shines's stuff is very good and interesting -
plays electric in a style I have never heard him before.  JLH is OK
not bad but not great  as is the rest.

Mud/Lonnie Johnson!     Blues Festival (1964)           17 105
8 tracks and short at 32 mins - BUT it is 2 tracks each by Cousin Joe,

Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson(1969)/T-Bone Walker Quintet (1960's)
Blues Collective                                                17 106
Good T-Bone - no, really, really good T-Bone - great version of
"Everyday I have the Blues" - swings like mad, great vocals and
obviously that guitar......"You Don't Love Me" struts.  Good backing
band especially the acoustic double bass. "Shake It Baby" is the
"What'd I Say" (ala Ray Charles) riff.  Eddie Vinson's tracks are good
too.  I am glad to have this CD in my collection - the T-Bone is worth
it alone.

So what was #17 103? - that "horrid" T-Bone Walker "Stormy Monday"
which is also on LRC - take my advice - don't tuch it with a barge
pole.  One of the few CDs I took back to te store and insisted on my
money back even at $5.99.



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