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Chris Smith chris@SKERRIES.DEMON.CO.UK
Sat Nov 30 12:00:40 EST 1996

For some reason, Orbis have sent me two copies of the 'Blues Collection'
episode I wrote on Mance Lipscomb. Much as I love my own prose, I don't
need both, so now's your chance to acquire the spare copy. Aside from the
partwork, you get a 20 track CD, compiled by Tony Russell from Mance's
Arhoolie LPs. There's nothing previously unissued, but on the other hand
none of it has appeared on Arhoolie CDs yet. Tracks are:

Corrine Corrina
Captain Captain
Alabama Jubilee
I Want To Do Something For You
Evil Blues
Mr TOm
Mother Had A Sick Child
Texas Blues
Long Way From Tipperari
Haunted House Blues
Wonder Where My Easy Rider's Gone
A Rag
Ain't You Sorry
Joe Turner Killed A Man
Alabama Bound
Tom Moore's Farm
Baby Don't You Lay It On Me
Johnny Take A One On Me/Buck Dance

To win, tell me why you want it in 50 words or less, by 15 December 1996.
I'll publish the winning entry, and any runners up that particularly appeal
to me, on blues-l. My decision is final, so there.

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