"Kat In The Hat" at the Hungry Tiger (Hartford area)

Sat Nov 30 11:27:55 EST 1996

Hi guys, you may remember a L-O-N-G time ago I mentioned a Boston area band
called Kat In The Hat featuring Matt Woodburn on guitar and his wife Cheryl
Arena on harp, and that Matt tested for the performance role of SRV in the
feature movie about thelife of Stevie Ray (opposite Brad Pitt in the non-
guitar playing parts).  Well, my harp player Pat and I have gotten to know
them pretty well.  But I've neve seen them really do their THING onstage in
a nice blues club.  We went las t  night to the Hungry Tiger in Manchester, CT
and I'm simply floored!!!!!

Now, mind you, Matt totally shuns the notion that he's an SRV wanna be, and
I agree with him...they played an entire night of nearly all original music,
with a few covers thrown in for fun (Little Walter, notably), but you know
what's the amazing thing, he is simply NATURALLY, without pretense, a perfect,
perfect SRV sound-alike.  AMAZING!!  The voiceis uncanny.  If you closed your
eyes, it could be him.  And the sound, pure Strat thru Fender e Reverb, is
magical.  WHat an amazing guitar player and terrific songwriter.  Most odf it
has that unmistakable Texas feel, driven by an awesome rhythm section that knows
how to do it up right.  And Matt and wife Cheryl play off each other nicely
playing and singing some sweet harmonies that just take the hard edge off of
that Texas drive.  I usually don't go to see bands that even hint of being
SRV clones.  Kat In The Hat is NOT an SRV wanna be band, they have great
original material, and I mean GREAT original material (on CD) that just
happens to also really have a nice reminiscently Stevie Ray feel to it, and
it was a real pleasure to see them at last.  I highly recommend them to you
if your're in New England.  They are on the verge of making it and going
national, and I'm glad I got to see them in a small club.

Kat In The Hat----------go see them!

Glad to be thier friend,

Riffin Rick

Senior Research Assistant,
& Marine Facilities Manager
Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research

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