NY CD Blues update for December ....

Barry Silverberg bsco@PANIX.COM
Sat Nov 30 10:01:30 EST 1996

For those interested, we have just uploaded December's site:

1. 14 new Earwig reviews.
2. The first 3 reviews from the new Ecko label (great stuff)
3. Have Mercy reviews including Omar Sharriff's two releases
4. Mighty Tiger reviews (new to many of you, so take a look)
5. Both M.C. reviews (including the new Big Jack Johnson CD)
6. 6 new Rooster Blues reviews
7. A new [Win Some Blues CD's] game, (really simple to play)
8. A whole new look to the site and some new features coming
9. AND FINALLY the opening of our indy's section -
   12 new artists featured and 20 others coming this January
   We have 30+ independent artists already listed & reviewed
   Any indy artists who want to be included - just e-mail me


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