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Sat Nov 30 08:01:47 EST 1996

On 30 Nov 96 at 17:58, Ross Whitwam wrote:

> Someone from another list I'm on was asking for information
> about a label called Midnight Creeper.  Has anybody here
> heard of it?  The orginal poster's information was that they
> are set to release a number of recordings of "rare juke joint and
> Betonia blues".  He wished to get in contact with the label.
> If anyone could provide an address for the label, I'd appreciate it,
> as well as any information about how ethical this label might be as
> regarding royalties to the original performers they are releasing.

This label is the current project of Peter Lee, former Living Blues
editor and founder of Fat Possum Records.  As I understand it, the
Bentonia CD is about to come out (or has just come out); I think when
it is out I will see it, because Peter and I live in the same town,
so it must not be out yet.

Peter posts on this list occasionally, from the following email


I am forwarding a copy of this to him in case he doesn't see it.....

Tom Freeland

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