another analogy -- House of Bummers

mojo mojo@KOPOWER.COM
Sat Nov 30 01:49:27 EST 1996

One more analogy: I remember complaining a number of times here that we
couldn't get enough national magazines here. Eckerd carried a few, Newsweek,
Computer Shopper, etc.. House Beautiful, one of my faves, can be found at a
regional grocery store's local place. No local stores carried  much
otherwise. One person told me they just wouldn't sell. How he knew, he
wouldn't say. Wal-Mart now carries Rolling Stone, Vibe, lotsa country mags
(one surprsingly off-center, Twang), a speciality coffee mag (most obscure
one I found), Metropolitian Home, GQ, Vanity Fair, etc., etc., etc. I can go
to the big cities for more obscure and interesting rags, but that's a better
selection than we had locally. I wasn't asking for much.
   The analolgy with blues clubs is: Wal-Mart became successful in large
part by responding to what people want. Listen to people, talk to them, etc.
Surely there are decent HOB ideas to be stolen, if they really are that much
of a threat, and other ways to fight them, y'know? I'm no club marketing
guy, but when any big corporate enterprise comes into anyone's field of
commerce, the owners have to think up ways to fight them -- and many, many
times succeed.

"Things are more like they are now than they ever were before."
   --Former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower

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