Jimi and Wolf

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On Fri, 29 Nov 1996, William Sakovich wrote:

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> > I'll just quote Hubert Sumlin on Hendrix and Wolf when asked about his
> > memories of Jimi:
> > "He was just a little ol' dude living in England. It was before
> > his band, the Experience, hit it big. We played in Liverpool, the
> > Beatles' home, and in walked Jimi Hendrix, a little ol' hip guy
> > wearing earrings and a bandanna. Wolf said "What the f*** is this
> > guy? I ain't saying nothing to that mother******." He came right up
> > to Wolf and asked if he could play his guitar. Wolf nodded and Hendrix
> > picked it up, turned it over and played it with his teeth. [laughs]
> > He played the hell out of it. Wolf looked at him, big-eyed, and said,
> > "You hired man, you hired!" He said, "No, thank you, Mr. Wolf But I
> > admire you and the blues. You guys are 100 percent man. Beautiful man."
> > I never played with him after that..."
> >
> > That's the story from the man who has influenced so many...Hubert Sumlin.
> That's a great story, Shannon. Thanks for posting it.
> Incidentally, what has Hubert Sumlin recorded (or been on, apart from
> HW discs, that you would recommend?
> - Bill Sakovich (sakovich@gol.com)
        I saw The Wolf snub Taj Mahal in a small club in Cambridge in the early
70's. Taj went up onstage to pay his respects during the break and Wolf
crossed his arms and turned his back on him, would not speak to the man. It
was cold!

Stuart Norton

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