Snooks Live

William Sakovich sakovich@GOL.COM
Fri Nov 29 20:33:10 EST 1996

Don't know how many people on the list are familiar with this disc, as
I'm not sure if it's been released outside Japan or not, but it
certainly is worth having.

Snooks Eaglin Live at the Park Tower Blues Festival (Japan). It's out
on P-Vine in Japan.

Yeah, Japanese CDs are expensive overseas, but this has got 17 tracks
on it and it's more than 70 minutes long.

Snooks isn't that great a singer to begin with, and he's starting to
get up there in years. But he sounds fine vocally here.

And his playing--oh mercy, can this guy play guitar. There was a
recent thread about playing too much and losing out on the meaning.
Well, Snooks can be as flashy on guitar as anyone else when he wants
to be, but he only does it in the most tasteful way possible. Usually
he just wants to get the tune across. And does he ever.

This band playing with him is great, too. George Porter Jr. on bass,
an excellent drummer (I was beginning to think no one knew how to play
drums anymore), and a keyboard player who's around just to provide a
little coloration, usually on organ. The four of them are extremely
tight. Eaglin talks a little between songs, but usually they don't
waste any time--they take a few breaths and jump right in to the next
song. It's the kind of disc you wish would go on forever.

In the liner notes, Porter says that Snooks was as relaxed during the
date as any time he's ever seen him. Sure sounds that way to me.

It would be an expensive flyer to buy this as an import, but I'm glad
I've got it.

- Bill Sakovich (

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