House of Bummer

P.W. Fenton pwfenton@GATE.NET
Fri Nov 29 16:45:20 EST 1996

> From: BB Bean <>

> >The House of Blues is a success, and the smaller clubs are folding...
> >BECAUSE WE MAKE IT SO.  If we preferred smaller clubs they would
> >thrive, and the HOB sized place would be having a tough time paying
> >their air conditioning bill.  None of this happens without us.
> >Businesses are market driven, and WE are the market.
> Assuming that it's this simple (which I don't believe but will
> concede for the purposes of discussion) Are you content with the
> current situation, or do you have a proposal for changing it?

Well, like yourself, I'm not in charge.  I'm just one member of the
audience.  In any event, my personal feelings are ambiguous.  The Blues fan
half of me would rather go to the small, low budget, local Blues bar.  The
Blues performer half of me would like to be booked at the House of Blues.

When I say WE get what WE deserve, I'm talking about the big WE.  It's not
necessarily how I feel, or you feel, or perhaps what most Blues-Lers feel.
But it's obviously what most Blues fans want.

P.W. Fenton
Tampa, Florida

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