Jimi and Wolf

Shannon D. Dew shannon@MINDSPRING.COM
Fri Nov 29 09:38:18 EST 1996

>That's a great story, Shannon. Thanks for posting it.
>Incidentally, what has Hubert Sumlin recorded (or been on, apart from
>HW discs, that you would recommend?

Well I'm pretty sure he's released at least 2 recordings of his own
since HW's death. I believe he's recorded with Buddy Guy, I know he's
jammed with SRV, and of course the HW recordings that Clapton appeared
on. I'd have to check a little further into it. I have an extensive
collection and I could prolly tell you in a few days.  I do know that
you can usually catch Hubert playing in New York City clubs though =)

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