Atlanta , GA, Blues Recommandations (for Ken Peace)

Thu Nov 28 20:09:14 EST 1996

Eric Paul-Hus <eric.paul-hus@DR.CGOCABLE.CA> wrote:

>Posted on Ken Peace behalf (Ken is having mail address problems)
>Eric Paul-Hus, list clerk


>My boss has just arrived in Atlanta GA for a two week break
>any recommendations for blues clubs and bars to visit in the area?
>I've partially turned him onto the blues so let's hope there's
>something good for him.

>Any national bands in the area?

>Thanks in advance


I'm not in Atlanta, but I have enjoyed myself doen in Atlanta, GA.

My limited knowledge but recommendations are as follows:

Fat Matt's Rib Shack - in Buckhead - I love their ribs (fall off the
bone type) I would die od clogged arteries if I lived there from this
- Blues? - they normally have a local band on every night - TUESDAYS
is my friends and regular ROUGH DRAFT - vocals/guitar, harp/vocals,
bass, drums. good Chcago style jump blues.

Blind Willie's - internationally renown blues spot, has many top named
acts passing through.

WFRG(?) - not a blues spot - but a real blues spot :-) an FM radio
station that has Good Morning Blues every weekday morning 6AM-10AM -
yep you're right I'd never get to work on time if I lived in Atlanta.

Creative Loafing - again not a blues spot, but a freebee weekly paper
- that has just about all the events on in and around Atlanta.

Southside Jukes - not a blues spot but a major blues spot :-) a local
blues band whom you should not miss if they are playing anywhere
within reaching distance - seriously good southern blues - outstanding
harp playing from Doug "Joe Lee" Bush, Eddie Taylor style guitar from
California John Williamson.

Big Mouth Green Bottle Revue - formerly Fistful of Chitin's - we play
2% jazz and 98% Micky's Big Mouth Liquor.  That should give you a
taste of what this band is about......

I hope your boss enjoys it down in Atlanta - I think he would have to
be deceased if he doesn't.......



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